Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Google will ready to Slaps Spammers in 2013 with their Panda Updates – Oh it’s great

Its good news to spammer now they will ready to more work or overtime for their website ranking on Google. Because of Google big panda update which will come this week.

Matt Cuts say their team is ready to battle with spam in 2013. Many search engine optimization agencies uses spam techniques for top ranking in short time. For this they can they are going after large organizations, exposing vulnerabilities and security flaws in sites. Also they use some black hat seo techniques like doorway pages, hidden links, keyword stuffing etc. Also Google found unrelated links on top university website home page links like with anchor text “cheap viagra pills”.

But many SEO professional thinks Google plays the game to increase popularity and increase their Adword business.  What other people thinks about this update but I am happy with this coming update because after this User get reliable and true information and people who doing SEO with proper information and natural link building they never worry about panda or any type of google update. Because they know Google always try to provide reliable and true information to their users.  So if you are doing spam then stop it now and remove all spam and provide true information. Because through Spam you get result for short time not long time

Fore more information and different experts opinion regarding this update you can visit Search Engine Journal
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