Saturday, August 9, 2014

Google is Updating its Algo For HTTPS , SSL Based Website ! Am I Right ?

SSL is today widely used Encryption Security Technology specially case in Online Transaction.. If you are confusing then don't worry. I solve your confusion. Ok.

When you did completed your shopping from online website then after you have to need completed your transaction with your Internet banking and credit cards etc. So when you do online transaction  then you need to  check page url in your browser address bar. This url start with HTTPS . 

HTTPS provides online authentication of the website and associated web server that one is communicating with, which protects against man-in-the-middle attacks and secure your transaction and save your information as well as money.

Now Google Top Search Engine like to give priority to HTTPS website specially for SPAM. So they updating their algorithm in order to minor boost-up to https website.  

So if you are doing search engine optimization then you need to more concentrate on https website only for year then after we don't know what google's plan. Also if your https website and page is block throught robots.txt then remove this https website from robots.txt file and also avoid no-index meta tag.

For More Information Please Visit :- Google To Give Secure Sites A Ranking Boost

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Back in Action for SEO


Friends finally, I am back at SEO platform. Coz SEO is my passion so I can't leave  it .

Saturday, June 29, 2013

SEO News - Summary of Google 2013 Algo Updates

The 2013 is year is come with many changes in search engines industries. People are wonder about google updates and its effect for their business.  Also you can find many news by search engine optimization experts but some of them given right information about Google updates.

If you worry about Upcoming Google'S update in 2013 then don't worry about it. Sorry Here I am not giving you information about its latest update coz I am not employee of Google. But here I am providing you summary of Google Update in 2013

In 2013 Google did many change in its algorithm  and not all but some of them effects search result effectively

1) January 22, 2013. Panda#24 Updates effected 1.2% queries.
2) May 9, 2013. Phantom Updates. But no one can give exact nature of this updates but many good sites loss their traffic.
3) May 21, 2013 Domain Crowding updates specially for control of domain diversity deep in the search result page.
4) May 22, 2013 Penguin 2.0(#4). Finally google introduce this updates against spam. Many seo experts thinks its effects changes many search result but as per Matt Cutts 2.3% English queries are effected by this update.
5) June 11, 2013 Payday Loan updates specially targeting niches and Spammy queries like payday loan, pornographic. Also this update impacts 0.3%  of the US queries & 4% Turkish queries which higher
6) June 11, 2013 Panda Dance. Matt Cutts says now google is updated roughly every month with slow effect. So, SEO experts now think about Panda Dance instead of Google Dance.

As per my experience if you provides SEO services then you should know all the updates in 2013 by Google. Because its gives you idea about its upcoming updates

For more information about Google Updates please visit :- Summary of Google Updates 2013

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ready made SEO services Website - Setup Your SEO Business

Today internet marketing is one of the biggest platform to promote your business not in you local area but across the world. Search Engine Optimization is the technique through you promote your website on major search engine and getting high traffic and visitors which increase your business revenues.

Today many SEO executives are working in small or giant IT firms. Also many peoples like to learn SEO for their own purpose. Also many people start SEO business but confused about its website and services. Ok don't worry about it If you would like to setup your SEO business then you can buy SEO Services Reseller Websites. 

And as per my if you buy any SEO reseller website then you no worry about domain name and web hosting space also you are one of the best reseller of major SEO companies. You just outsource your SEO orders and get the money to in your PayPal account. Also many SEO providers provides  you useful material through which you know how to attract customers.

Also if you don't know SEO then don't worry about it your SEO provides learns you how to do in SEO and how to attract customers

How It Works:
Step 1. A customer makes a purchase on your website and you receive an instant payment to your PayPal.
Step 2. You outsource the order to the SEO supplier by purchasing necessary services.
Step 3. SEO supplier completes the order and sends you a detailed report that you redirect to your customer.

 So now Quick set-up – you start your business instantly and can start earning from the Day 1

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Google will ready to Slaps Spammers in 2013 with their Panda Updates – Oh it’s great

Its good news to spammer now they will ready to more work or overtime for their website ranking on Google. Because of Google big panda update which will come this week.

Matt Cuts say their team is ready to battle with spam in 2013. Many search engine optimization agencies uses spam techniques for top ranking in short time. For this they can they are going after large organizations, exposing vulnerabilities and security flaws in sites. Also they use some black hat seo techniques like doorway pages, hidden links, keyword stuffing etc. Also Google found unrelated links on top university website home page links like with anchor text “cheap viagra pills”.

But many SEO professional thinks Google plays the game to increase popularity and increase their Adword business.  What other people thinks about this update but I am happy with this coming update because after this User get reliable and true information and people who doing SEO with proper information and natural link building they never worry about panda or any type of google update. Because they know Google always try to provide reliable and true information to their users.  So if you are doing spam then stop it now and remove all spam and provide true information. Because through Spam you get result for short time not long time

Fore more information and different experts opinion regarding this update you can visit Search Engine Journal

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Useful Tips for DMOZ Listing

Open Directory Project widely know as DMOZ is mother of all web directories and one of the oldest web directories since 1998. Today its having 8 Google Page Rank which shows its reliability and quality. As Search Engine Optimization expert I advised you must submit your listing in DMOZ. If you get your listing in Google directories then you should submit your listing in DMOZ because Google favor open source over open charges.

Also as Search Engine Optimization purpose I always use DMOZ not only listing but also find the proper category of your targeted keywords.  Suppose you want to target your keyword Offshore Website Development India and target your local region and confused about your keywords category then don’t worry just open DMOZ and search with your keywords then its suggest you your keyword related category with your listing of website which are relevant of your website.

Many people always think DMOZ listing is not useful as SEO purpose but think if its not useful then how he get high Google page rank. DMOZ listing required more time to approval but as per my if your list your website in proper category and proper details then you get approval in shorter time. 

Here I would like to share tips for DMOZ listing and I collected this information through DMOZ listing. Find below useful tips
  • Do not add mirror sites.
  • Do not submit an URL that contains only the same or similar content as other sites you may have listed in the directory.  Multiple submissions of the same or related sites may result in the exclusion and/or deletion of those and all affiliated sites. 
  • Do not disguise your submission and submit the same URL more than once. Example: and 
  • Do not submit any site with an address that redirects to another address.
  • The Open Directory has a policy against the inclusion of sites with illegal content. Examples of illegal material include child pornography; libel; material that infringes any intellectual property right; and material that specifically advocates, solicits or abets illegal activity (such as fraud or violence). 
  • Do not submit sites "under construction."
  • Submit pornographic sites to the appropriate category under Adult. 
  • Submit non-English sites to the appropriate category under World. 
  • Don't submit sites consisting largely of affiliate links. 
Also this is the same information which you can see when submit your website in DMOZ. And one thing remaining always submits your website only one time. No need to submit your deep links in DMOZ.

I think this information is useful to SEO beginners and if you know more about DMOZ then shared with me through comment. I welcome your suggestion. Coz in SEO you should update your self with more and more knowledge.

Thanks You.

Monday, December 17, 2012

How to Create Online Store for Business? – EshopPremium-CBE2G8X36FAK

Today internet is one of the biggest platforms to promote any type of business across the globe or in your local area. But first condition is you need to make one website, blogs etc. If you not afford to make website for your business through which you can sell your products then don’t worry?

On internet you can find many website that offers online application store for your business. I know one of this website which name is

Through EshopPremium you cag get your business online because they are specialize in website development for B2B, B2C multi-vendor portals. They can develop your web store with multilingual, multicurrency features.

Also if you have some basic knowledge about web development then you can get you desired web store for unlimited numbers of products, Also if you want then your web store support many payments gateways like PayPal, Transecute, EBS and many more with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.

Also you have list of choice to select your web store templates with your desired layouts and colors, You can provide live support facility to your valuable customers which can improve you long time relationship. Also you can import or exports numbers of products from your online web store... One of the main advantage is you never faces any bandwidth restrictions,

Finally through EshopPremium set up your web store just in few minutes also you can get 14 days free trial for your web store. So why wait hurry and get your own webi store just in few amounts and got the success.